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77% Of ALL Colleges Use The Admissions Essay As A Determining Factor In Deciding Who They Admit And Who They Don't... YOUR COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY MATTERS
EssayDog QUICKLY and EASILY gets you past the blank page by helping you identify a personal STORY that will make for a great essay. Our process starts by having you identify the FOUR ESSENTIAL parts of your personal story.
Initial Plan
Identify the INITIAL PLAN which forms the foundation of your story and essay.
Anticipated Outcome
Next, the ANTICIPATED OUTCOME creates depth and meaning from which you draw a relevant message.
Every great story has a SETBACK: A complication, a failure, a journey, a pivot, an obstacle... or just something unexpected.  Your story must have one too.
It’s not enough that things didn’t turn out as planned... you need to have learned something, gained an insight, or grown in some way.  Your story must have a DISCOVERY! What did your story teach you?
The college application essay is quickly becoming the most important determining factor used by college admissions for SO MANY students.  That's why EssayDog is committed to helping students write better essays that will help influence college admissions officers. In today's competitive college environment you need EVERY EDGE.  


“Don’t write an essay, tell a story.” That’s perhaps the greatest advice you can get about the college application essay. But most students don’t really know how to tell a story, they get stuck writing about something that has no real meaning or depth, which expresses nothing new or compelling to the colleges they are applying. You MUST use the essay to show the colleges a side of you they can’t see from the other parts of your application. The essay is your chance to tell a story about yourself, but the story you choose must be the right one. EssayDog will quickly guide you through the process of choosing a story that will work for the application essay.


“Say something relevant.” Before writing even one word, most students already miss the great opportunity the college essay provides because they choose the wrong story. It’s not enough to tell a story, you MUST choose the right one; a story that gets below the surface. Colleges use the essay to understand something more about you, something that is not obvious from your test scores and GPA. The essay is your chance to tell a story with real depth and meaning, a story that reveals something about you or something that you care about. EssayDog uses an exclusive, patent-pending FOUR SENTENCE approach to help you identify a story that has a deep and relevant message that colleges are looking for.


“Don’t leave college the way you arrived.” The time a student spends in college is a period of exponential learning and growth, at least that’s what colleges want for their students. And that’s part of what colleges are looking for when they decide who gets in and who does not. Colleges want to enroll the type of students who can excel and grow. That’s why you MUST use the application essay to demonstrate that you understand what real growth is and that you yourself can learn from your own life experiences. EssayDog shows you how to take a relevant personal story and use that story to reveal that you are the perfect candidate for college, because you can LEARN & GROW from your own life experiences. 


“Show me some writing skills.” Telling the right story is critically important, but telling that story the right way is just as essential. The application essay can help students on so many levels... The essay can be used to tell a great story, and that story can reveal something meaningful, on top of that the essay can show a college that this student is ready for the rigorous learning environment of college. But there's even more, a TRULY GREAT ESSAY takes that story, that message and that personal experience and links it to the application process itself. EssayDog will show you how to put together a layered, deep, relevant and truly meaningful story that will make for a great essay, and then LINK that story to the college admissions process in a way that will demonstrate to the colleges that you are also a FANTASTIC WRITER!
EssayDog = Easier, Faster, Better
EssayDog is online software that utilizes patent-pending technology to help you write a compelling college application essay. It provides the framework and step-by-step guidance to help your story shine. YOU PROVIDE THE CREATIVITY.
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